Being Human Being Bold

WGF’s Livelihood & Sustainability Council’s (LSC) mission is to enhance rural economy through co-creating and advancing rural enterprises, using technology innovations and scientific processes, sharing best practices and developing techniques to foster trade and employment for rural populations.

Being Human Being Bold

About Being Human Being Bold

Being Human Being Bold is a transformative initiative focusing on education and livelihood. In education, BHBB aims to empower talented but underprivileged students through innovative mentorship programs. In the livelihood sector, the initiative envisions social upliftment through international mobility, enabling skill-based individuals to work abroad for financial empowerment. It has partnered with a start-up called

Problem Statement


Limited resources hinder talented students, while Rurban youth lack international opportunities.

Solution & Uniqueness


Education: Mentorship, Foster Creativity/Innovation & Lions Club Partnership

Livelihood: International mobility, skill-based approach, partnership with international agencies

♦ Holistic Approach

♦ Mentorship Program: Fosters creativity and innovation beyond traditional scholarship models

♦ Focus on Rurban India

Scale of Opportunity

Compounding Power of IIT Ecosystem: Leverage network and expertise for expansion.

♦ Technology Partner: Skillbee platform facilitates mentorship and international mobility.

WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ratan Agarwal

Call To Action

▸SPREAD the word about the organization’s activities among your contacts

▸INVEST and contribute towards the organization’s mission

▸SHARE your knowledge or expertise on any of the following: Education, Livelihood, Life skills.

▸VOLUNTEER with any of the organization’s activities

▸WRITE about the organization’s work to share with the external audience

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