Lack of access to affordable education and rapid advancement in technology have created an under-skilled global workforce, high long-term unemployment, violence and increase in crime.

Improving the Lives in Rural India by Technology-enabled Solutions

The winners and losers in the next decade will be determined by the level of innovation a country undertakes. An intelligent, educated and highly skilled workforce is the main driving force for Innovation. 


In The United States

  • A child drops out of school every 26 seconds
  • The annual cost of education is huge at $335 billion
  • 1 in 4 African American dropouts is incarcerated
  • Gulf War Era II young veteran’s unemployment rate was 20.4% in 2012
  • 27% of 1600 wounded veterans looking for work

In India

  • The bottom of the Pyramid  has very little upward mobility due to a lack of access to education  and training
  • Unemployment is highest among youth
  • 60% (750M) of the population are young
  • 220M youth lack a formal education or a trade skill

Our Objectives

WHEELS’ Education team is focusing on technology-enabled skills development initiatives, especially for youth and disadvantaged segments.


Some of the projects in the recent past have provided support to Wounded/Unemployed American war veterans seeking entry into the private workforce. WHEELS partnered with Operation Homefront, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, to develop and fund training centers serving veterans in IT, job transition, and mentoring services.


For entrepreneurial skills development, please see our two projects under Livelihood & Sustainability section:

To prepare the technology-centric workforce for the digital economy, Wheels is helping scale pioneering work and amazing innovation coming out of IIT Bombay – Spoken Tutorials.

♦ Please see Spoken Tutorials for further details.

WHEELS also collaborates with NDLI (National Digital Library of India) to educate students at all levels across India.

♦ Please see NDLI page for further details. 

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