Wheels Global’s Health group’s mission is to provide affordable healthcare solutions to India’s more than 800 million rural and underserved population. The poverty, lack of healthcare facilities, lack of water and sanitation facilities, and lack of infrastructures other exacerbates problems. 

Improving the Lives in Rural India by Technology-enabled Solutions

Vision & Mission

The mission toward Technology-Driven Cost-Effective Healthcare Delivery in the Rural and Underserved Areas to improve access to Healthcare particularly started in India and a vision to expand Globally. Project HEART meets WHEELS Principles to Provide Livelihood which Creates employment and livelihood for service providers and Sustainability by generating operating costs and a small revenue for expansion. The Healthcare Challenge aims for affordable health care for India’s Billion-Plus People and presents enormous challenges, particularly in rural places. These challenges are further exacerbated by poverty, lack of education, inadequate infrastructure in the field of water supply, road transportation, and limited access to preventive health services, diagnostic facilities, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and sanitation.

Health Council’s Modus Operandi


Dr Raj Shah

Dr Raj Shah is the Chairman of Health Council.

He is a practicing cardiologist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. He is educated at the University of Pennsylvania and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Temple and Drexel University faculties. He is a pioneer in the field of telemedicine and the creator of the SmartCareDoc telemedicine system which was deployed at “The Clinic at Wal-Mart” in 2012-14: The first telemedicine clinic in a retail store in America. He established a TeleRetinopathy screening program at the Temple University Health System in 2016 and a teaching Teleclinic at the School of Nursing at Rutgers University.

He is also a Research Fellow at the Blanche and Irwin Lerner Center at Rutgers University for the study of Pharmaceutical Management and Healthcare and lectures about Telemedicine. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Kean University College of Business and Public Management and Global Business School, and a Trustee of S.M. Shah Law College, and Sarvajanik School in Mehsana, India.

Dr. Shah is board certified in internal medicine, cardiology, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and cardiac CT angiography. He is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the American College of Physicians. He received his medical degree with distinction from the M.S. University in Baroda, India, and graduate training in internal medicine and cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Shah received a Master of Business Administration with Phi Kappa Phi and Beta Gamma Sigma honors in 1997.

Dr Bindukumar Kansupada

Dr Bindukumar Kansupada is the Vice Chairman of the Health Council.

He is a retired Cardiologist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Educator, and active healthcare political activist.

Dr Kansupada was appointed as Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at Drexel University and as Clinical Instructor in the Dept of Internal Medicine – PCOM, till he retired.

Dr Bindukumar Kansupada is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Echocardiography, and Nuclear Cardiology. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, American College of Chest Physicians, and Fellow American Society of Nuclear Cardiology. He received his MBBS degree from prestigious Topiwala Medical College, Mumbai University, and received his post-graduate training in invasive, noninvasive Cardiology and Electrophysiology from Medical College Of Pennsylvania (Drexel University Medical School).

Dr Kansupada received his Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of South Florida in 1998. He is an ardent supporter of Integrative preventive health care and non-pharmaceutical interventions for improving clinical outcomes of Non-communicable diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, and Cancer. He is a promoter and educator of Vedic medical Science including Disease based Yogic exercises, Plant-based diet, Nutraceuticals, and Mindfulness Meditation. He had the honor of leading the Integrative Cardiac Rehab Dept program and Cardiac Cath Lab at a Local hospital in Bucks County, Pa for many years.

Dr. Bindu Kumar Kansupada

Council Members

*Rajat Gupta Chairman WGF USA…Patron
**Ashank Desai Chairman WGF India…Patron
Arjun Malhotra Patron
*Anil Bhandari Patron
*Hitendra Ghosh Convener
Dr Vikas Khurana CEO, Leg Healers
Dr Thakor Patel Chairman, SEVAK Foundation
Padmashri Ashok Gupta MS
*Ambassador Pradeep Kapur IITD’85, IAS
Dr. Raj Bhayani MD, FACS: President, FIPA
Dr. Joseph Chalil MD, MBA
Dr. Chaitanya Buch Chairman, IEEE Vadodara, India
Dr. Manish Kohli Director, Med Innovation, U of Utah
Dr. Rajkumar Tripathi Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, India
Dr. Prof. Varsha Vaidya Bharati Vidyapeeth Med College
Dr. Michael Cooper PhD, Dean Emeritus, Kean University, Business School
Dr. Rahul Mehra Exec. Chairman, UNESCO Global Health Edu
Amit Khare CEO, Evolko Inc.
Kalyan Chakrvarthy ED, Pan IIT Alumni Reach Foundation
Dr. Milind Antani MS, LLB, Nishith Desai Associates
Dr. R. S. Sodhi Chairman and CEO, Amul Dairy
*Ratan Agarwal Board Member, WFG USA
Dr. Jawahar Shah MD (Homeopathy)
*Dr Bindukumar Kansupada MD, MBA, FACC: Vice Chairman
Ishan Shivanand Director of Mental Health President, Yoga of Immortals, USA
**Prof. Kannan Moudgalya Healthcare Education
**Indrajit Chatterjee Karnataka State Program
*Rajesh Tripathi Government Policies & Regulations
Farid Khan Member of IEEE
Mrs. Ranjani Saictorgal Executive Director, Ekal Vidyalaya
**Mrs. Gauri Kumar IAS, Chairman, Water Council
*Mr. Sushil Bhatia Technology Entrepreneur
*Dr. Smita Siddhanti PhD, Healthcare Entrepreneurship
Dr. Ram K Singh MD, FACC
Nixon Joseph Ret. President, SBI CSR Foundation
Dr. Kavita Kapur PhD, Performance & impact Measurements
Dr. Manoj Mathur MD
Padmshri Ashok Mago Founder, Dallas Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Nandini Tandon Co-Founder, IndUS Setu Foundation
Priya Tandon Co-Founder, IndUS Setu Foundation
*Suresh Shenoy ExOfficio, President WGF USA
**Digvijay Choudhary ExOfficio, President WGF India
Nishith Desai Nishith Desai Associates
Chintu Patel Founder and COO, Amneal Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Ami Anand Shah CEO, Face2Face Telemedicine Company
Buddhadev Pandya UK: Publications
*WHEELS Global Board Member
**WHEELS India Board Member

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