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EcoSchools - Building tomorrow's Healthy & Environment Stewards

EcoSchools Project

Problem Description & Solution Approach:

While the entire world is galvanizing to address rapidly spiraling devastating impacts from global warming, the long-haul nature of the problem needs us to create equally large bench of well-grounded future leaders. There is no better place to do that than the young minds in middle and high schools.

Global warming driven challenges require a multi-disciplinary approach with experiential learning. WGF is partnering with Auroville & Rotary International to help scale pioneering model that teaches young minds, via hands-on work, endemic flora& fauna, nutrition & health, climate & environment, land & water resource management.


WGF and the Rotary Club of Madras Coromandel are steering The Environment Education Project at Pitchandikulam Forest, Tamil Nadu, India. The project focuses on setting up an Environmental Education program for 4 schools near Siruseri Lake. The project will involve holistic, localized, activity-based environmental education sessions for students like biodiversity, puppet shows on Wetland/TDEF, elders interviews by the students, watershed projects, World Environmental Day celebrations, waste education & management and more.

Traction & Impact

‘Ecoshool’ clusters around a central ‘EcoCenter’. The model is leveraging already completed a city-level transformation (from massive trash-dump to vibrant forest) and 50+ years of innovation. The State Government of Tamil Nadu, local Rotary Clubs and IT Center Corporations have already committed their support. The deployment plan is ready for the first cluster of schools. 

Scaling Opportunity

Programs present a compelling scaling opportunity to be taken to more than 2 million middle schools and high schools in India touching nearly more than 200 million future youth leaders.

WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ramnath S. Mani - Co-Chair, India - South Chapter

Ratan Agarwal - President, WGF

Rajah Venkatraman - Co-Chair, India - South Chapter

Call to Action


Just $1000 in Alumni contribution can help bring this revolutionary and simple model to several schools in your communities.


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