Maati Paani Asha Project

WGF’s Livelihood & Sustainability Council’s (LSC) mission is to enhance rural economy through co-creating and advancing rural enterprises, using technology innovations and scientific processes, sharing best practices and developing techniques to foster trade and employment for rural populations.

Maati Paani Asha Project

About Maati Paani Asha Project

The Maati Paani Aasha Project: For the last 20 years, over 10,000 farmers have ended their lives each year in India. The epicenter of farmer suicide is in eastern Maharashtra, where the Student and Education Support Association (SESA) has been working since 1992 to provide educational opportunities for farmers and their families. 

SESA is forming the Maati-Paani-Asha (Soil-Water-Hope) Center at GSG College in Umarkhed, Maharashtra. The MPA Center will work to transform the agricultural foundation in the region so that farmers and the environment are nourished and not depleted, and the community is resilient and thriving despite global warming and drought.

Problem Statement

♦ Although there have been traditionally many tree planting drives in the region, continued care for tree saplings has often been ignored.  

♦ Farmers face tree removal challenges.

♦ Climate vagaries impact sustainability.

Solution & Uniqueness


♦ Adapt trees to local conditions and preferences.

♦ Engage the community for sustainable tree care.

♦ Iterative, responsive approach for long-term impact.

♦ Community-tailored tree selection for local needs.

♦ Holistic engagement promotes eco-friendly practices

Scale of Opportunity

 Implementation ongoing

WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ratan Agarwal

Call To Action

▸SPREAD the word about the organization’s activities among your contacts

▸INVEST and contribute towards the organization’s mission

▸SHARE your knowledge or expertise on any of the following: Community & Village Development, Agriculture, Trees, Plantations.

▸VOLUNTEER with any of the organization’s activities

▸WRITE about the organization’s work to share with the external audience

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