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Mental Health Initiative for Young Adults

Name / Headline:

Mental Health Initiative for Young Adults

The Problem:

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to unite”. Yoga was a pre-religion way of life that focused on all aspects of the human being. The practice aimed to create a union between body and mind.

In the current age, the approach has fragmented, focusing mainly on just physical fitness rather than the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of an individual.

Strong emotional health is vital for developing the mental resilience required to fend off anxiety, depression, and stress that are unavoidable in society today. 

The rising economic burden due to Mental health issues is alarming. WHO states that every USD spent on mental health care such as YOI yogic practices could return 4 USD in better health and ability to work. Let us reintroduce authentic, scientifically proven cognitive Yogic practices to the world.

Mental health costs by 2030 to the global economy is estimated to be 16 trillion USD.

• CDC estimates pharmaceutical opioid crisis in USA to cost $1000 Billion
• ½ of the population in the USA will be diagnosed with a mental disorder
• WHO estimates every $1 spent gives ROI $4 for depression/anxiety treatment 

The Solution:

Yoga of Immortals (YOI) stays true to the genuine, ancient, unified, and proven scientific Yoga practices for individual and societal empowerment. YOI is an easy-to-learn, enjoyable-to-practice mental technique for deep relaxation and stress reduction that has been successful for all. It’s time to integrate Yoga of Immortals’ preventive, non-pharmaceutical, affordable mental health initiatives in institutions. YOI is an easy-to-learn, mental technique for enhancing productivity, augmenting alertness, promoting positive team dynamics, and stress reduction. YOI has revolutionized the understanding of mental health by amalgamating the most ancient and pure form of cognitive Yoga techniques with integrative medicine. To know more about Ishan Shivanad, Founder of YOI, click here.

This is endorsed by high-quality scientific research-based protocols that improve mental and behavioral health issues tremendously.

An 8-week prospective cohort study on the app-based YOI Intervention (conducted by a multi-disciplinary panel of physicians) showed a clinically significant reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression & insomnia. This concluded that Yoga of Immortals (YOI) is a comprehensive, structured mind-body program that improves health via cognitive and emotional stimulation.

YOI works with various professionals, young adults, and students. Some of the initiatives undertaken by YOI:

* A social initiative of WGF and IIT Alumni: Ishan Shivanand currently serves as Director of Mental Health and Behavioural modifications initiative of the Health Council since late 2021. His creative teachings of Yoga and meditative practices bring non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatments to rural communities via telemedicine for complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being

* Reducing Healthcare Worker Burnout and promoting resilience: The YOI program has been adopted in numerous international hospitals and clinics as an integrative tool to fend off physician burnout and improve their mental health.

* Covid Relief: $ 485,000 donated towards Covid relief. 300 oxygen concentrators supplied to hospitals at the time of need. This timely effort and support was recognized in 2021 by the Govt. of USA & India.

* YOI for corporates: Scientifically crafted, progressive YOI protocols have proven to improve corporate mental health, thereby reducing mental healthcare costs.

* Sports Performance Coaching: The coaching through YOI protocols for injury
prevention and cognitive performance improvement showed clinically significant improvement in athletes cognitive and emotional health.

* Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand Scholarships: This program provides STEM Education
to the most vulnerable students in Indian society. The scholarship program has partnered with institutions to support this cause and has so far invested 700,000 USD that supports education for 500 children.

WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ishan Shivanand, Dr Bindukumar Kansupada


Recent scientific studies (2020 to present) on YOI programs have shown clinically significant reductions in insomnia (82%), anxiety (75%), and depression (72%) among participants.

Deployment Updates

▶ Ishan Shivanand, WGF Mental Health Director was invited to the  White House as Faith Leader for the Round Table Conference on “Addiction – Drug Overdose Crisis Solution”. Read more…

▶ Join Asia’s Biggest Healthcare Leadership Summit & Six Sigma Health Excellence Awards – 23 Dec, 2023 @ Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. Nominate now for Six Sigma Excellence Award 2023 at

▶ On 19th October 2023, Hon Georges Pierre Lesjongard Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Hon Leela Devi Dhookhun minister of Education, Alan Ganoo Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail of Mauritius, and Ishan Shivanand inaugurated the Institute of Integrative Health and Wellness, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Mauritius for mental health. In addition as part of the mental health initiative of Wheels, Ishan introduced all delegates to the phenomenal work done by Wheels in India and around the world. Click here to Read More

Call to Action:

There are several areas that you/ your organization can do to address the mental health issues in young adults

◊ Sponsor the initiative – just a contribution of $1000 can impact thousands of young adults each year.

◊ Help leverage your employer’s CSR funds and corporate-giving / matching programs.

◊ Refer to other non-profit or for-profit entities that can help us scale faster.

◊ Join our team of committed volunteers to further innovate, optimize and scale through your expertise and network.

◊ Connect us with a responsible person on the ground (alumni or otherwise) in a target village so as to manage logistics and ongoing oversight.

No contribution and support are small. Every bit counts. We are looking to all of your support to help us address the currently massive unmet need over the next few years, and not waste another decade.

In the News:


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