Wheels Global’s Health group’s mission under the Chairmanship of Dr. Raj Shah is to provide affordable healthcare solutions to India’s more than 800 million rural and underserved population. The poverty, lack of healthcare facilities, lack of water and sanitation facilities, and lack of infrastructure exacerbate the problems.

Improving the Lives in Rural India by Technology-enabled Solutions

Mental Health Initiative for Young Students

Name / Headline:

Mental Health Initiative for Young Students

The Problem:

With the advent of psychology, we made major strides deciphering the Human Mind and its functioning. Leading Universities and Research Institutes from around the world started studying thought, feeling & behaviour, their causes, processes, effects & cures.  Millions of dollars were poured into such research studies. Not only the diseases and the disorders but happiness and wellness also got attention. Scores of research papers, dissertations, thesis and books on Psychology every year internationally will ultimately carry no meaning unless these important findings, learning, and suggested actions reach the masses, the very people who are waiting to be benefitted from them, especially young and adolescent minds.

The Solution:

  1. WGF is working with Feeling Minds to provide necessary knowledge and skills to young students through individual counseling, coaching, psychometric testing, and learning and development initiatives based on applicable and actionable research outcomes of the varied branches of psychology.

Feeling Minds® has done an immense contribution to the field of Education with the Experiential Emotional Educational (EEE) program. 

The EEE program aims to provide a framework for training and equipping students with the necessary skills so that they can apply scientific ways to deal with both ordinary and extraordinary challenges which life presents to them at the end of the Experiential Emotional Education program such as Self Confidence, Sense of Purpose in life, Better Peer relationships, Being responsible for their own choices, etc.

  1. EEE program has shown a significant impact on improving the irrational belief systems of children and helping them develop rational thinking and belief.  Feeling Minds® has been invited to the topmost public schools of the country to conduct our “Experiential Emotional Educational“ program for the students of classes 1st to 12th.

While WGF will support the building of comprehensive and self-sustainable solution models for large-scale deployments & impact using technology resources, Feeling Minds will develop, and deliver the relevant content to the targeted beneficiaries. The learnings from monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the programs and solutions will be used to scale up and enhance the initiative.

WGF's Health Council Members leading the program:

Dr. Chinu Agrwal, PhD. Program Director
Dr. Bindu Kansupada, MD, MBA. Vice Chairman


  1. Feeling Minds® has conducted programs for more than 30 schools all over the country imparting Emotional Education to around 15000 children around 2500 teachers and 4000 parents.
With this background, the key outcomes of the collaboration are based on the needs of the target beneficiaries – young students:
    • * Improved mental resilience and capacity to cope with pervasive negative environmental and societal influences.
    • *  Enhanced focus and school performance.
    • *  Positive participation and interactions with peers.
    • *  Lower drop-out rates and higher long-term educational achievements.

To achieve the above results, WGF and Feeling Minds pool their resources and networks in line with mutually defined programs and deployment timelines. 

Call to Action:

There are several areas that you/ your organization can do to address the mental health issues in young students.

◊ Sponsor the initiative – just a contribution of $1000 can impact thousands of young students.

◊ Help leverage your employer’s CSR funds and corporate-giving / matching programs.

◊ Refer to other non-profit or for-profit entities that can help us scale faster.

◊ Join our team of committed volunteers to further innovate, optimize and scale through your expertise and network.

◊ Connect us with a responsible person on the ground (alumni or otherwise) in a target village so as to manage logistics and ongoing oversight.

No contribution and support are small. Every bit counts. We are looking to all of your support to help us address the currently massive unmet need over the next few years, and not waste another decade.

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