My Children Foundation

WGF’s Livelihood & Sustainability Council’s (LSC) mission is to enhance rural economy through co-creating and advancing rural enterprises, using technology innovations and scientific processes, sharing best practices and developing techniques to foster trade and employment for rural populations.

My Children Foundation

About My Children Foundation

My Children Foundation’s vision is to build a better, cleaner, and brighter world for our future generation by fostering education, creating livelihood & embracing sustainability. MCF tirelessly focuses on efforts to foster quality education through comprehensive mentorship, financial support, and supplementary tuition.

Problem Statement


Poverty, lack of education, and inadequate guidance hinder child development and resourcefulness. Non-integrated ecosystems in rural areas exacerbate these challenges. 

Solution & Uniqueness


♦ Establishing learning centers in remote areas for basic education, life skills, and confidence building

♦ Comprehensive Support/Mentorship for High-Potential Children

♦ Creating a Local Ecosystem for Livelihood and Sustainability

♦ Holistic approach: Addressing education, livelihood, & sustainability

♦ Technology-driven platform: Ensuring transparency, efficiency, & donor engagement

♦ Locally integrated ecosystem

Scale of Opportunity

♦ Proven track record: Been creating impact for four years

♦ Targeting nationwide reach and global fundraising opportunities

♦ Strong partnerships: Organizations like Give, Bentley Systems and WGF


WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ratan Agarwal

Call To Action

▸SPREAD the word about the organization’s activities among your contacts

▸INVEST and contribute towards the organization’s mission

▸SHARE your knowledge or expertise on any of the following: Education, Livelihood, Life skills.

▸VOLUNTEER with any of the organization’s activities

▸WRITE about the organization’s work to share with the external audience

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