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Energy landscape has currently probably some of the profound challenges (linked to even long-term survival of the humanity) and by the same token equally exciting opportunities.

One Stage (CAF India)

About One Stage by (CAF India)

Most PHCs lack basic amenities and even basic equipment for health-measuring parameters. They are only equipped with basic infrastructure with medicines and first-aid kits. Hence it becomes important to strengthen them to effectively provide a bigger reach to the rural population. The District Administration and the Medical Health fraternity had expressed a request for Solar Powering of the Health Centres and the installation of medical equipment that will enable the Health Centres to provide good health care to the patients. Each Health Centre caters to more than 20-30 villages with a daily week average of 150-300 patients.

Problem Statement


Lack of electricity in Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in East Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh resulting in poor healthcare delivery due to inadequate infrastructure and power supply.

Solution & Uniqueness


Solar electrification intervention at Lumdung PHC by CAF India.

♦ Installation of 20 solar panels and 9 essential medical devices.

♦ Innovative approach combining sustainable energy with healthcare.

♦ Focus on remote and underserved regions

Scale of Opportunity

Plans for expansion with government and corporate support.

♦ Potential application in other underserved PHCs across Arunachal Pradesh and other states.

WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ratan Agarwal

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