PARFI (Pan-IIT Alumni Reach For India Foundation)

PARFI has been one of the best examples of IIT alumni developed and driven largescale innovative models for transformation of India. Click on “More” for more details on PARFI’s pioneering public-private partnership to scale vocational training at scale.

PARFI (Pan IIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation)

Bringing the IITian Spirit To Vocational Education Exclusively for the Underprivileged Through Non-Profit Joint Venture with State

PARFI is a great illustration of bringing IITian spirit for vocational education – exclusively for the underprivileged through non-profit joint ventures with State Governments. It has built a perfect model to scale vocational training in a self-sustainable structure that addresses all three key pillars: assured employment via partnerships with the industry partners who help design the curriculum and then absorb the graduates, Government participation through infrastructure contributions (buildings, land, etc.) and policy support, financing via a combination of leverage of relevant government funding schemes and low-interest loans that get paid by wages over a long-enough period when the graduates start their jobs. See below for key details and then visit PARFI website for more details.

Ø  Vision: To become one of the largest social enterprise of the country contributing to creating a better future for under privileged sections of society

Ø  Mission : Bringing the IITian Spirit To Vocational Education Exclusively For The Underprivileged Through Non-Profit Joint Venture With State

Ø  Focus Area: Vocational Education, Skill development and Entrepreneurship for bottom of the pyramid.

Ø  Geographical scope: To work in low HDI states of the country

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Achievements to-date

Institutionalized partnership with Government of Jharkhand operating with 10,000 beneficiaries per annum across ~40 skill development and vocational education center. Four highly successful vocational colleges in Ranchi area of Jharkhand via joint venture with State of Jharkhand (PREJHA Foundation):

a.       Nursing – one-year intensive ANM (auxiliary nursing midwifery) program for high-school tribal girls

b.       Manufacturing – one-year program covering hard skills (e.g., lathe machine, welding) to circuit boards and digital printing

c.       Culinary – one year program covering skills to be a chef and run a restaurant

d.       Construction skills – a three-month program for school-dropouts to learn important trade skills such as high-rise steel construction, HVAC, electrician, plumbing.

Scale of Opportunity

To expand across 5 low HDI states running with a concurrent capacity of ~50,000 beneficiaries per year in the next 5 year, explore credit continuity in training and micro entrepreneurship. 


Call To Action

  • * Involve: Volunteer in your area of preference (Technical/Managerial) 
  • * Invest: Get your organization to contribute as part of its CSR
  • * Inspire: Help us with leads to find industry partners, investors and donors 
  • * Insource: Help your organization become a client for jobs, curriculum development, faculty-enhancement

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