Saayam for All

WGF’s Livelihood & Sustainability Council’s (LSC) mission is to enhance rural economy through co-creating and advancing rural enterprises, using technology innovations and scientific processes, sharing best practices and developing techniques to foster trade and employment for rural populations.

Saayam for All

About Saayam for All

Saayam for All is a nonprofit organization based on two very simple mottos – Manava Sevaye Madhava Seva (Service to mankind is Service to God) and Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu (May all live happily). Anybody from anywhere in the world can request help on any type of social media/communication device. This is a purely volunteer-based organization.

Saayam is a software platform that brings requestors of help, volunteers, volunteer organizations, and donors together. Please go through the details here.

Problem Statement

Any requests related to food, clothes, housing, education, healthcare, or any general advice would be honored. This charity is beyond any god, religion, country, or politics and helps people in need.

Solution & Uniqueness

Any request for help on any type of social media/communication device using Saayam App. Each request will be matched to a local volunteer so that this volunteer can provide help to this requestor by taking advantage of any local charity organizations or local help.

Scale of Opportunity

♦ A highly scalable mobile and web app with the latest and greatest cloud-native technologies.

♦ Implementation just started.

WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ratan Agarwal

Call To Action

▸SPREAD the word about the organization’s activities among your contacts

▸INVEST and contribute towards the organization’s mission

▸SHARE your knowledge or expertise on any of the following: Counseling, Health Care, Life skills.

▸VOLUNTEER with any of the organization’s activities

▸WRITE about the organization’s work to share with the external audience

To contribute to Saayam for All’s activities, click to visit the website.

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