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Lack of access to affordable education and rapid advancement in technology have created an under-skilled global workforce, high long-term unemployment, violence and increase in crime.

Improving the Lives in Rural India by Technology-enabled Solutions

Problem Description & Solution Approach:

Nearly 80% of primary through secondary schools in India (whether public or private) are grossly understaffed, with often 3-4 teachers covering as many as eight grades. In addition to under-staffing, these schools rarely have resources for holistic development and coverage for creative as well as newer domains such as robotics, space, and computing. The problem gets more amplified for rural and tribal kids whose parents lack financial resources and other alternatives. While the government has rolled out a variety of schemes to address the challenges, chronic under-staffing and ill-trained teachers (a far more difficult problem to address in the near to intermediate-term) are unable to leverage these. As an example, most schools have created ICT labs with 1-2 dozen computers but they end-up eating dust and are non-operational with no programs to use them for.

WHEELS’ partner Moinee Foundation, founded by young alumni leaders, have pioneered School-In-A-Box solution that brings students access to all academic material in a digitized format, along with supplemental learning aids from variety of 3rd party open-sources such as Khan Academy and MIT. Students learn through in a highly effective interactive process that is triggered by answering the series of quizzes for each topic. Further, there are numerous modules to enable holistic development – tinkering lab, coding, science experiments, arts & crafts, simulations, robotics, and vocational skills.

While the solution is delivered over the cloud to enable student usage tracking with rich real-time analytics (that enable timely reinforcements when a school is struggling), the solution is designed to work in offline mode so as to overcome unreliable Internet connectivity in rural & remote schools. Moinee’s School-in-a-box solution brings alive dormant ICT labs and ushers all schools and students, no matter their resource constraints and remoteness, into modern era filled with equal opportunities. 

Technology / Innovation

School-in-a-box solution integrates EdTech innovation (digitized academic material, augmented by several rich open-source learning materials like Khan Academy, that can be accessed dynamically per the learning context) with operational innovation (enabling kids to develop public-speaking skills and leverage peer-to-peer learning). Their investment in a vast repository of quizzes creates a forcing function for kids to self-learn any topic, overcoming teacher-quality handicaps. School-In-A- Box (SIAB) is an offline content server with the best internet content in it. SIAB doesn’t require any type of internet connection to operate or access its content, the locally setup Server itself creates a WiFi hotspot that one can easily connect with any WiFi supporting device and access the content shared in it.

Some salient features are: No dependency on the Internet; Local language eLearning; Complete virtual school workflow (i.e. Smart Class) solution integrated; Remote monitoring dashboard; Multiple device connectivity with no buffering issues; Zero data usage cost; Promotes peer interaction and hybrid learning.

WGF Scaling Plans in Education & Beyond

There are several ways in which WGF plans to cascade education through innovative solutions:

WHEELS is leveraging its alumni ecosystem capacity (leaders in Corp roles & CSR budgets, IAS
officers in Central & State Governments, NGO partners, Education Council’s community etc) to help take Moinee innovation to most of 3m schools across the country, and thus welcomes support from all alumni and professional communities.

Traction & Impact

♦ Moinee is breaking key education barriers (Cost, Access, Language, Child Safety, Student Teacher Ratio) enabling every kid to right to quality education and fair chances in life. Traditionally, kids coming from rural schools lack strong speaking skills. However, Moinee model ensures kids develop strong speaking and social skills along with academic success.

♦ Since its launch in 2017, Moinee solution has already catered to over 3 lakh young learners in their
first languages through 450+ school-in-a-box setups in govt schools, community learning centers &
vocational centers across 15 states of India.

Here is good intro by young founder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ViF4cJbJUbPFxhh8XXsVBe1i-YsrHYFk/view?usp=sharing


WGF leaders providing oversight:

Education Council leader:
Prof. Kannan Moudgalya
Ratan Agarwal

Call To Action

Education being one of the focus areas of WHEELS, here is a request to WHEELS Global Foundation members and IIT Alumni to come forward and use their network to help scale the Education solutions so it can achieve its goals. 

This could be in the form of spreading the awareness and usage of the solution catalyzing the network of educational institutions, identifying sources of value that may be integrated with SIAB to enhance the richness of its contents or any other means. With the upliftment of the education level of the students, in collaboration with Moinee Foundation, we can ensure knowledge dissemination and communication among the students based in the remotest part of the country.

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