Siddh Divyang Foundation

Wheels Global’s Health group’s mission is to provide affordable healthcare solutions to India’s more than 800 million rural and underserved population. The poverty, lack of healthcare facilities, lack of water and sanitation facilities, and lack of infrastructure exacerbate the problems.

Siddh Divyang Foundation

About Siddh Divyang Foundation

Siddh Divyang Foundation works for Divyang (specially abled) children with the help of assistive technology-based solutions that are affordable, scalable, and replicable. As there is a paucity of funds in this domain, not many organizations are interested in bringing new technologies to this domain. Interacting with computers or any other technology-driven devices brings special joy to their faces. Hence Project “Knowledge Vision” was conceived, and designed and is now being implemented in different schools within the country. In the area of health 2 projects are being implemented: “Healthy Baby” and “Vatsalya”.

Problem Statement

♦ Low-birth-weight babies are still a major problem.
♦ India has the highest number of Divyang (Specially Abled) children in the World.

Solution & Uniqueness


♦ Educate divyang children with the help of assistive technology-based solutions (RFID etc.) which is affordable, scalable, and replicable.

♦ Real-World Application.

♦ Diverse global participation.

Scale of Opportunity

♦ Impacted 15,000 students so far

WGF leaders providing oversight:

Ratan Agarwal

Call To Action

▸SPREAD the word about the organization’s activities among your contacts

▸INVEST and contribute towards the organization’s mission

▸SHARE your knowledge or expertise on any of the following: Health, Education, Divyang, Disability, Specially abled children.

▸VOLUNTEER with any of the organization’s activities

▸WRITE about the organization’s work to share with the external audience

To contribute to Siddh Divyang Foundation’s activities, click to visit the website.

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