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Improving the Lives in Rural India by Technology-enabled Solutions

Partners: WGF and GSF

The Gram Samriddhi Foundation (GSF) is an Integrated Rural Development Initiative that works towards building a sustainable rural livelihood. Through a multi-dimensional approach that combines infrastructure development, capacity building and entrepreneurship support, Gram Samriddhi strives to bring about a positive change and create a path towards self-sufficiency for rural populations. By harnessing the collective efforts of local communities, the GSF is redefining the future of rural India with focus on all five dimensions of development JAL-Water, JAMEEN-Land-Soil, JUNGLE-Forest-Tree, JAANWAR-Animal & JAN-Human, unlocking the true potential of its villages. 

WHEELS Global Foundation and Gram Samriddhi Foundation are collaborating to create opportunities in livelihoods and sustainability. 

Click here for more details on GSF’s pioneering work in creating self-sufficiency in rural populations from WGF pages.

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Gramsamriddhi – Serving Humanity and Mother Nature

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