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Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti (MSS)

Improving the Lives in Rural India by Technology-enabled Solutions

Partners: WGF and Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti (MSS)

Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti (MSS) is an NGO committed to the empowerment of women in rural communities in Seloo Block, Wardha District, Maharashtra, India. Over the years MSS has supported several women’s self-help groups (SHGs) and helped in starting up various eco-friendly micro enterprises run by women in their own villages. Some of these enterprises like handmade soaps, candles, herbal products, fruit jam making, gur (jaggery / organic brown sugar) production, bakery, and an organic cafeteria, etc. have become very successful and led to few more subsidiary units and boosted the employment opportunities in the villages considerably. 

WHEELS and MSS are collaborating in various initiatives such as Aravalli Integrated Smart Village.

Know more about Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti (MSS): 

Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti, Wardha (gandhifootprints.org)

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