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Partners: WGF and One World, One Family

Dr. Rajnikant Shah, Chairman of the WHEELS Global Foundation Health Council, USA visited India in March 2024 to sign a collaboration MOU with Swami’s One World, One Family Mission.

Joining him is another WHEELS USA Board Member Dr. Sundar Kamath from San Jose CA, who has been closely involved with Swami’s Mission and the Ideal Village program since 2015.

The 2 parties will collaborate in the areas of:

Rural Nutrition for children and expectant mothers to address malnutrition issues and ensure healthy development outcomes for both groups and newborn infants. 

Rural Healthcare, focused on maternal and child health issues, wellness services, and treatment of rural children born with congenital heart defects. WHEELS and their partners will work with the applicable delivery agencies of OWOF for this mission, namely the Divine Mother & Child Health Program (DMCHP), Sai Swasthya centers, and Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals, in multiple locations across India. Preventive and diagnostic healthcare is to be provided both in physical locations (clinics, hospitals) and in mobile clinics such as SAIWHEELS and virtual clinics leveraging the application of WHEELS’ Telemedicine system.  

Signing of the MoU

Rural Medical Education, is specifically aimed at training a new generation of rural doctors and nursing staff to address the acute shortage of medical professionals in rural areas.
WHEELS to collaborate with the newly launched Sri Madhusudan Sai Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (SMSIMSR) based in Sri Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli, Karnataka.

Rural Values-based Education is implemented through a series of rural residential campuses designed to provide a well-rounded educational program emphasizing human excellence and service to society. Collaboration to leverage WHEELS’ vast network of NGOs and associated repository of proven initiatives & best practices with the ultimate goal of human capital development focused on rural transformation and nation-building.

Refurbished SAIWHEELS mobile clinic

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